Bareos Level 1 and Level 2

What is Bareos?

Bareos (Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced) is a reliable, cross-network open source software for backup, archiving and recovery of data for all well-established operating systems. Emerged from the Bacula Project in 2010, Bareos was and is actively developed as a fork and enriched with lots of new features.

Thus Bareos today offers among other features LTO hardware encryption, bandwidth limitation and new practical console commands. The source code of Bareos is available on under the AGPL v3 license. Additionally Bareos offers binary package repositories for the most important Linux distributions as well as for Windows.

Bareos Online Training in 2021 (held in English)

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Week plan Bareos Part I / Wochenplan Bareos Teil 1

Installation, SSH
WebUI, Tests
Basic Config
Backup Concept:
Volumes, Pools,
Rem. Daemons
Des. Recovery
Accurate Backup
REAR Sz. 1

Week Plan Bareos Part II / Wochenplan Bareos Teil 2

Redo labeling
Medium Features
Scratch Pool
Copy & Migration
Virt. Full Backup
Always incremental

Contents of the course

Be aware that there are slight changes in the new courses due to the online format.

Bareos Training Level I

Level I aims at Bareos starters with basic Linux system administrators’ knowledge. Contents for this course are:

  • Introduction to Bareos
  • Installation
  • Basic configuration
  • Data backup and restore
  • Backup-scheme and -strategies
  • Volume Management I (Backup2Disk)
  • Volume-LifeCycle-Management
  • Tools/Utilities
  • Disaster Recovery
  • NEW in 2020: Disaster Recovery with REAR

Bareos Training Level II

This advanced course assumes a knowledge base equivalent to Bareos Level I training and has the following topics:

  • Volume Management II: (Backup2Disk2Tape)
    • Tape (Magnetic tape) based backup
    • Autoloader / Tape library based backup
    • Migration and Replication (Copy Job)
  • Virtual Full Backup
  • Encryption of data
  • Overview of Always Incremental and NDMP
  • 2 hours workshop regarding participant’s questions or issues


Requirements f. Participants

  • use SSH on own PC/Laptop to log in to the servers. Windows users can use Putty or SuperPutty on their laptop/PC
  • be able to use an Editor in the Linux Command Line (e.g. nano or vi) and do copy & paste
  • Simple Browser (Firefox or other) is required to use the conference server of (we use Open Source software); you will need a microphone, camera is optional

Prices for the Courses

 without tax (exklusive Umsatzsteuer)19% tax included (inklusive Umsatzsteuer 19%)
Bareos Part 1 (5 afternoons Online Training)999 Euro(s)1189 Euro(s)
Bareos Part 2 (3 afternoons Online Training)599 Euro(s)713 Euro(s)
Bareos Part 1 and Part 2 (set price)1499 Euro(s)1784 Euro(s)

Included in the price are:

  • PDF-Slides for the Course with Examples and Exercises
  • Certificate of Bareos Administrator

We accept Credit Card payment !

Registration and Registration Fee

Please register via mail ( link ) or the contact fomular further below.

The maximum number of course participants is limited (probably to 5 participants) to allow for a reasonable mentoring.

There will be a registration fee of 100 Euros per participant. This fee will be offset in the final invoice. The complete information is given via email. Please contact for any questions.

    Please contact me for the arrangement of new training dates.
    Please send me the infos for registration of the Bareos Training course.

    Feedback from previous participants:

    Mr. W. from Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA, participated
    the Bareos Level I and Level II Training together with one of his colleagues in February 2021:

    Thank you so much !!! I have learned a lot about Bareos.

    Mr. C. from Red Hat Czech participated the part I Bareos training in January 2021:

    The course was wonderful – especially the desaster recovery part. For me it is a perfect timing as I will be one of the responsible backup admins. I liked the provided system from as it nicely allowed the remote training and testing via SSH.

    Mr. P. from the data center of University Augsburg participated in January 2021 in the international Bareos Training Part I:

    I found the course super good. Very good selection of subjects. The relationships between the individual parts (e.g. job defs, schedule) were nicely explained.

    Mr. R. from the Internet Service Provider Eurotux Informatica (Lisbon, Portugal) participated the International Bareos course at with one of his colleagues in Sept. 2020:

    It was a very nice presentation with exercises in the middle of each chapter. For me everything was very good, especially the praxis parts.

    Mr M. participated the first Bareos Online Class in summer 2020 together with 2 of his collegues from the German Federal Office for Information Security:

    I found it good in principle. Has given me good insight. I also liked that you looked into problems (via SSH). So I really enjoyed it. You may be able to adjust the formatting so that commands can be better taken over by copy & paste.

    Mr. S. from T-Systems International participated in November 2019 with 2 of his collegues. They spent 4 days with in the Berlin Innovation Park:

    I honestly say that I really liked the structure of the course. I’ve learned a lot.

    Mr. B. from Berlin Hosting-Provider SysEleven participated in Summer 2019 in Level II:

    It was definitely worth it for me. The topics that are relevant to us were dealt with. Extremely much hands-on on every subject. Short theory part and then do it.